Fermi and Jansky: Our Evolving Understanding of AGN

November 10-12, 2011
Harbourtowne Conference Center
St Michaels, MD, USA

Fermi and Jansky: Our Evolving Understanding of AGN

Poster List

Name: Michael Dutka
Title: Multi-wavelength Observations of PKS 2142-75 during an Active Gamma-Ray State

Name: Elizabeth Ferrara
Title: Fermi's Mystery Sources - Methods for classification and association

Name: Markos Georganopoulos
Title: Radio loud AGN unification: jet power, orientation, and accretion mode

Name: Manasvita Joshi
Title: Multiwavelength Spectral Studies Of Fermi-LAT Blazar

Name: Stefan Larsson
Title: APEX sub-mm monitoring of gamma-ray blazars

Name: Rocco Lico
Title: VLBA monitoring of Mrk 421 at 15 and 22 GHz during 2011

Name: Elisabetta Liuzzo
Title: The Bologna Complete Sample of nearby radio sources: radio and gamma-ray data

Name: Francesco Massaro
Title: Infrared colors of the gamma-ray detected blazars
Unidentified Active Galactic Nuclei in the Fermi era

Name: M. Massi, E. Ros, L. Zimmermann
Title: LS I +61°303: A precessing microblazar

Name: Monica Orienti
Title: High resolution radio observations of gamma-ray emitting Narrow Line Seyfert 1s

Name: Alexander Pushkarev
Title: Apparent parsec-scale jet opening angles and gamma-ray brightness of blazars

Name: Soebur Razzaque
Title: Lower limits on ultrahigh-energy cosmic ray and jet powers of TeV blazars

Name: Jamie Stevens
Title: ATCA Monitoring of gamma-ray loud AGN

Name: David J. Thompson
Title: Flaring Activity from S5 0836+71 (4C71.07) What Can We Learn with Limited Multiwavelength Coverage?

Name: V. C. Tiet
Title: Doubling the Sample of Jet Speed Measurements for the TeV Blazars

Name: Gino Tosti
Title: Observation of blazars with the high energy SED peak in the Fermi-LAT band

Name: Stefano Vercellone
Title: The gamma-ray flaring properties of the blazar 3C 454.3


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