Multi-wavelength Observations of PKS 2142-75 during an Active and Quiescent Gamma-Ray State

Michael Dutka (Catholic University of America)

PKS 2142-758 is a flat spectrum radio quasar. It is a weak gamma ray emitter which is occasionally detected on daily time scales in the MeV through GeV energy range. Gamma ray flares have been detected on April 4th 2010, Oct-Nov 2010 and July-August of 2011. Quasi- simultaneous observations across the electromagnetic spectrum are essential to create SEDs which are essential to understand the origin and nature of high energy emission from AGN. During the latest flaring period and a gamma ray quiescent period, multi wavelength observing campaigns were carried out using the Ceduna radio telescope, the Australian Telescope Compact Array (ATCA), the TANAMI VLBI Array, Swift, and the Rapid Eye Mount Telescope (REM). We will present quasi simultaneous spectral energy distributions while the source is in active and quiescent gamma ray states and discuss the implications of this data assuming a leptonic model for blazar emission.