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Fermi Regional Workshops - Goddard

November 15-16, 2010
Goddard Space Flight Center

Registration Deadline: Friday November 5, 2010
Foreign Nationals, please register early.

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The Fermi launch in 2008 has ushered in a new era of high-energy gamma-ray astrophysics by providing observations with over an order of magnitude greater sensitivity relative to previous missions in this energy range. Studies of previously established gamma-ray emitters are being carried out with unprecedented detail. The expected emergence of new classes of gamma-ray sources means that gamma-ray astronomy will now encompass an expanded range of contemporary astrophysics and thus engage a broad portion of the astrophysics community. For information on the Fermi mission refer to

The next Fermi Guest Investigator Cycle is rapidly approaching: proposals are January 21, 2011.

Fermi Regional Workshops

In order to facilitate greater community wide participation in Fermi science, the Fermi Science Support Center and the Fermi Project are hosting a series of regional workshops. The workshops are open to all members of the scientific community, but registration is required (there is no cost). Note: This is one of several regional workshops planned for the coming months.

There will be two distinct workshops, each lasting for one full day (from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm). The Hands-On Data Analysis workshop will emphasize hands-on data analysis tutorials. The Fermi Science and Proposal Support workshop will consist of view-graph presentations and discussion covering past, current, and future Fermi science, plus information on how to prepare and submit a Fermi Guest Investigator proposal.

Registration for these workshops is free of charge. Since space will be limited for the Data Analysis workshop, approval will be on a first- come first serve basis. There is no limit for attendance to the Science and Proposals workshop.

Hands-On Data Analysis Workshop

A portion of this workshop will consist of viewgraph presentations and group discussion, but the main emphasis will be on hands-on use of the analysis tools. In order to facilitate as much one-to-one interaction as possible with the workshop staff, we anticipate accommodating no more than about 25 for this session.

Prerequisites for participation are:

  1. A laptop computer with a valid installation of the Fermi Science Tools OR a capability to connect via internet to a computer at your home institution with a validated Fermi Science Tools installation (refer to the FSSC web site for information on supported platforms and installation instructions)
  2. Test data sets, which will be identified on the workshop web site, ALREADY DOWNLOADED onto the computer on which your analysis will be performed

In addition, it desirable that you 1) have an installation of the HEADAS software tools on your computer and 2) that you've read our basic introductory documentation prior to the workshop, and ideally, you've already tried a few analysis examples beforehand.

Fermi Science and Proposer Support Workshop

We will describe Fermi's capabilities and performance, the data products, and guest investigator support opportunities. In addition, we will have sessions exploring potential scientific studies with Fermi. One of the goals of the workshop is to help connect people locally who have common science interests. Attendee contributions on any Fermi-related science topic are welcome; we simply ask that you contact us in advance of the workshop.

Topics at this workshop will include: