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Getting Involved with GLAST

A workshop on Thursday, 21st June 2007, starting at 10am in Science Center A at Harvard University

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Purpose of the meeting

The GLAST launch at the end of this year will usher in a new era of high-energy gamma-ray astrophysics by providing observations over an order of magnitude greater sensitivity relative to previous missions in this energy range. In addition to more detailed study of sources known to be gamma-ray emitters we expect to discover new classes of gamma-ray sources. This means that gamma-ray observations are about to become relevant to a much larger fraction of the astrophysics community, and the leap in sensitivity opens up new opportunities for discovery in a wide range of science topics, including active galaxies, the optical-UV extragalactic background light, pulsars, gamma- ray bursts, and searches for new phenomena such as signatures of particle dark matter.

To encourage participation in the GLAST Guest Investigator program and to facilitate discussion of the scientific potential of GLAST amongst scientists from different institutions, a series of GLAST workshops are being organised. Harvard CfA is hosting the workshop for scientists in the Boston area. We encourage participants to give short contributed talks (5-10 mins, 2-5 slides) on GLAST science topics, but anyone interested in GLAST is welcome to attend. Agenda topics will include: