Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

FUG Meeting

Meeting of June 6-7, 2005

Monday, June 6:

8:00 Coffee and Sustenance and Pre-Meeting Consultations
9:00 Welcome and Introductions (Persis Drell, SLAC; Josh, Steve)
9:05 Review August 2004 Minutes (Josh)
• Inputs for Minutes preparation; archiving "extra inputs"?
9:10 Mission Update - the view from HQ (Rick) - PDF
• How HQ has dealt with the descope; overall HQ issues
9:25 Project Overview, including Spacecraft progress (Steve) - PDF
9:45 LAT Overview and Science Update (Peter) - PDF
• overall progress; new science opportunities
10:10 LAT Schedule (Lowell Klaisner) - PDF
• current status, upcoming milestones
10:30 Break
11:00 GBM Overview and Schedule (Chip) - PDF
• detector threshold(s); overall schedule
11:20 GSSC Report (David and Jay, by telecon) - PDF
• PDMP (review); Tools for mission and obs. planning, posting science obs.
11:45 Lunch (in conference room) Ð pick up lunch and munch over demos...
12:00 Demonstration (over lunch) of Likelihood and other Tools (David, Seth D., Jim C. and others) - PDF
1:00 Review/close-out Action Items from last meeting
(Items likely requiring significant discussion) vs. [info item only]
1. Merits of pointed observations vs. Survey (Jim B. et al) - PDF
2. Policy for Proj. Scientist discretionary time (Rene, Steve) - PDF
3. GBM sensitivity for BATSE-type Sky Survey (Jim L., Chip) - PDF
4. GSSC-LAT responsibilities (Jay, Peter) - PDF
5. GUC Charter (Josh, Don, Rick) - PDF
6. LAT data release in year 1 (Peter, Steve) - PDF
7. Science Policy Document (Steve, Roger) - PDF
8. [Analysis Thread using SAE (Jay)] - PDF
9. Size of GI program and possible DOE support (Josh, Steve, Peter) - PDF
10. [Update on PDMP (David, Don)]
11. Policy for GLAST Legacy Proposals (Josh, Rita) - PDF
3:30 Break
4:00 LAT Tour
5:30 Executive Session of Committee
• review discussion and possible action items
5:45 Adjourn
6:30 GUG Dinner at local restaurant, Nolas
Directions will be provided

Tuesday, June 7:

8:00 Coffee, rolls and free conversation/collaboration...
9:00 Remaining discussion on any open AIs (Josh)
• GUG convergence on possibly contentious issues (e.g. AIÕs 1, 3, 6?)
9:45 Summary of SWG Activities (Steve) -PDF
• discussion: configuration control of operations parameters affecting
10:30 Break
11:00 Multiwavelength observations & monitoring (Steve Thorsett, others?)
• how to start and maintain monitoring pre-launch
11:30 Report on GLAST E/PO (Lynn)
12:00 Lunch (in conference room) and Science Talk (new for GUG day2 lunches): Blazar program and plans for GLAST, Roger Romani (Stanford)
1:00 Executive Session of Committee
• action items; writing assignments; issues raised for Project/GSSC
2:00 Discussion with Project and GSSC
• planning for DC2
• next GUG meeting
3:00 Adjourn