Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

FUG Meeting

GSFC, Building 2, Room 8
November 8-9, 2005

Tuesday, November 8:

8:00 Coffee and rolls and pre-meeting discussions and consultations
9:00 Welcome and Introductions (Josh, Steve)
9:05 Review June 2005 meeting and Sept. 2005 Telecon Minutes (Josh)
9:15 Mission Update - the view from HQ (Rick) - (PDF)
- celebration of a 16-tower LAT
9:25 Project update, including Spacecraft progress (Steve)
9:45 LAT Overview and Science Update (Peter) - (PDF)
- overall progress; discussions with AAAC in Oct.
10:15 LAT Schedule (Lowell Klaisner-by phone)
- current status, upcoming milestones
10:30 Break
11:00 Mission schedule and activities (Steve)
Stellar Aberration Correction (Julie) - (PDF)
11:20 Demonstration of Pulsar Tools (Masa Hirayama) - (PDF)
12:20 Lunch (in conference room) - pick up lunch and munch over GSSC presentations ...
12:30 GSSC Report (David) - (PDF)
- Tools for mission & obs. planning (Robin Corbet) - (PDF)
1:00 "Ratification of GSSC Assumptions:" Discussion of how to review GSSC support tools and plans for their release (David) - (PDF)
1:30 Multiwavelength observations and inter-Agency planning/coordination
- report from AAAC discussions (Peter)
2:00 Those eternal Action Items: lets get most of them closed!
(Open AI's listed by number; some likely needing more discussion than others)
1. Policy statement for Pointings vs. Survey (Jim B., Julie and ALL)
5. GUG Charter - final concurrence (Josh, Don, Rick)
6. LAT data release in year 1 and how/when to release "20 source list" for cycle 1 (AI 16) (Peter, Steve)
7. Science Policy Document: current draft from outline (Steve, Roger)
10. Update on PDMP (David) - (PDF)
11. Policy for GLAST Legacy Proposals (Josh, Rita)
12. Planning for GUG Beta-test after DC2 (Steve, David) - (PDF)
13. Update on GLAST Sci. Symp. Planning, User Communications (Steve, David)
3:30 Break
4:00 Resume the AI challenge
14. GSSC Text for end-to-end processing of GLAST data (David) - (PDF)
15. GSSC Plan for preparation of Tools for GLAST Sci. Symp. And 1st NRA (David) - (PDF)
17. Draft Schedule for software releases for 1st NRA (David) - (PDF)
19. Instrument and S/C ops parameter compilation and DB mgt. (Steve)
20. How to fix the EPO format/control problem? (Lynn, Steve, Rick)
5:00 Discussion session of Committee
- general discussion and possible new action items
5:45 Adjourn
6:30 GUG Dinner at local restaurant, TBD
Directions will be provided

Wednesday, November 9:

8:00 Coffee, rolls to feed conversation/collaboration…
9:00 Remaining discussion on any open AIs (Josh)
- GUG convergence on remaining open AIs:
22. GUG Listserve
23. Flight Software Milestones (PDF)
24. Technical Review (PDF)
25. Comments on GI Program Size Justifications
9:45 Summary of SWG Activities (Steve)
10:15 Planning for DC2 (Julie)
10:40 Break
11:10 GBM Overview and Schedule (Chip - by phone)
11:30 Report on GLAST E/PO (Lynn)
12:00 Lunch (in conference room) and Science Talk (continued, GUG day2 lunches):
Frank Marshall - Swift: Science and Ground Operations
1:00 Open discussion of Committee
- NEW business; what else should we be focusing on (not more AIs?)
- action items; writing assignments; issues raised for Project/GSSC
- date for next GUG meeting
2:30 Adjourn