Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

FUG Meeting

GSFC, Building 2, Room 8
May 8-9, 2006

Monday, May 8:

8:00 Coffee, conversation
9:00 Welcome and Introductions (Josh, Steve)
9:05 Review November '05 meeting and Feb. '06 Telecon Minutes (Josh)
9:15 Mission Update - the view from HQ (Rick) - (PDF)
9:25 Project update, including Spacecraft progress (Steve and/or Kevin)
9:45 LAT status and schedule, upcoming milestones (Peter) - (PDF)
10:15 GBM status and schedule, upcoming milestones (Chip)
10:30 Break
11:00 GSSC status and schedule (Jay) - (PDF)
11:20 Mission schedule and activities (Steve) - (PDF)
11:40 Update on DC2 (Julie)
12:00 Lunch (in conference room) - pick up lunch and munch over GSSC tools:
12:15 Demonstration of GRB analysis using SAE tools (David) - (PDF)
RPS forms; TOOs (David) - (PDF)
1:30 Consideration of Open Action Items
7. Science Policy Document: current draft from outline (Steve, Roger)
10b. Determine HQ policy for PDMPs (Rick)
14. Description of end to end processing: status of text (David)
20. Config. Control for Instrument Status and Ops. Parameters (Steve)
21. Statement on Pointing vs. Scanning (Jim B., Julie)
22. Which SAE tools to release for GLAST Sci. Symp.? (David, Julie) - (PDF)
3:30 Break
4:00 Multiwavelength observations and planning/coordination
- AI#26 report: Multiwavelength Task Force discussions/plans (Rene)
- Incorporating Swift followup team for GLAST (Neil)
- Coordinated mission AO's or reviews (e.g. GLAST-Chandra, etc.) (Steve)
4:45 Update on GLAST Sci. Symp. Planning, User Communications (Steve, Peter, David) - (PDF)
- Upcoming talks/posters (all)
- How to further increase GLAST awareness & community (all)
5:15 Discussion session of Committee
- general discussion and possible new action items
5:45 Adjourn
6:30 GUG Dinner at local restaurant, TBD
Directions will be provided

Tuesday, May 9:

8:30 Coffee, rolls to feed conversation/collaboration...
9:00 Remaining discussion on any open AIs (Josh)
9:45 Summary of SWG Activities (Steve)
10:00 Planning for GUC-Beta Testing in Oct. (?) 2006 (Julie, David) - (PDF)
10:30 Break
11:00 New business?
11:30 Report on GLAST E/PO (Lynn, by telecon) - (PDF)
12:00 Lunch (in conference room) and Science Talk (continued, GUG day2 lunches):
Science and lessons learned from INTEGRAL (Chris Shrader) - (PDF)
1:00 Open discussion of Committee
- NEW business; what else should we be focusing on?
- action items; writing assignments; issues raised for Project/GSSC
- date for next GUG meeting
2:30 Adjourn