Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

Fermi User's Group (fUG) Meeting

GSFC, Building 26, Room 210-212
November 17-18, 2006

Friday, November 17:

1:05 Welcome and Introductions (Josh, Steve)
1:07 Review May '06 meeting and July and Sept '06 Telecon Minutes (Josh)
1:10 The view from HQ (Rick) - [PowerPoint]
1:25 Recent project activities and issues (Steve and Julie)
1:45 LAT status and schedule, upcoming milestones (Peter)
2:00 GBM status and schedule, upcoming milestones (Chip) - [PowerPoint]
2:15 GSSC status and issues (Chris)
2:30 GLAST Symp. Planning and SWG activities (Steve)
3:00 Break
3:30 Project status (Al)
3:50 Discussion of cycle 1 NRA (Rick, David) - [PowerPoint]
4:20 Technical review of GI proposals (Don)
4:30 Science Policy Document (AI#7) (Roger, Steve)
5:00 PDMP (review of "final" version - AI#33) (David, Ann, Don, and Greg) - [PowerPoint]
5:15 New Business for tomorrow? (all)
5:30 Adjourn

Saturday, November 18:

8:30 Coffee, rolls to feed conversation/collaboration...
9:00 Discussion of open AIs (Josh, all)
#8 SAE Demonstrations at GUG meetings (Jay)
#20 Instrument Parameters (Steve)
#26 Multiwavelength statement (Rene et al.)
#29 Method to update list of 20 monitored sources (Steve, Peter)
#30 Include list of 20 monitored sources in the NRA (David)
#36 Try out RPS forms (David)
#37 List of candidate sources for monitoring (Rene et al.)
10:30 Break
11:00 Remaining (significant) AIs
#34 White paper on scanning vs. pointing (Jim B., Julie)
#35 Statement in support of multiwavelength observations (Rene et al.)
11:30 Report on GLAST E/PO (Lynn, by telecon) - [PowerPoint]
12:00 Lunch (in conference room) and Talk: What we learned from DC2 (Julie) - [PowerPoint]
1:00 Open discussion of Committee
- NEW business; what else should we be focusing on?
- action items; writing assignments; issues raised for Project/GSSC
- date for next GUG meeting
2:00 Adjourn