Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

Agenda for Fermi User's Group (FUG)

Stanford/Physics & Astrophys. Bldg.,
Conf. Room 102/103 (see map)

Note: the meeting will NOT be held in the Frances C. Arrillaga Alumni Center as previously mentioned. Please see this map.

Sunday, February 4:

1:05 Welcome and Introductions (Josh, Steve)
1:10 Welcome to New Members (Rick, Steve, Josh)
1:15 Review Nov '06 meeting Minutes (Josh)
1:17 The view from HQ and other News (incl. GLAST Fellows program) (Rick)
1:25 Mission update and issues (Steve and Julie)
1:50 LAT status and schedule, upcoming milestones (Peter)
2:00 GBM status and schedule, upcoming milestones (Chip)
2:10 GSSC status and issues (Chris)
2:15 GLAST Symp. Planning and SWG activities (Steve)
2:30 Cycle 1 GI program (Chris) & demo of RPS proposal submission tools (David)
3:00 Break
3:30 GLAST-NRAO Draft MOU (Steve, Jim U.)
3:45 Review open Action Items (see GUG webpage for current AI's due) (all as named)
4:45 VOEventNet issue (Dave T.)
5:00 New business (all)
5:15 Next meeting (all)
5:20 THANK YOU to GUG Members rotating off the Committee (Rick, Josh, Steve)
5:30 Adjourn