Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

Agenda for Fermi User's Group (FUG)

GSFC, Bldg. 2, Rm. 8

Meeting Minutes:

Monday, June 4:

8:30 Coffee, conversation
9:00 Welcome and Introductions (Josh, Steve)
9:05 Review February '07 meeting and April '07 Telecon Minutes (Josh)
9:10 Mission Update - the view from HQ (Rick)
9:15 Project update, including update on launch schedule (Al Vernacchio)
9:30 Mission update (Steve)
9:45 LAT status and schedule, upcoming milestones (Peter)
10:00 GBM status and schedule, upcoming milestones (Chip)
10:10 GSSC status and response to Beta Test (Chris)
10:30 Break
11:00 GSSC preparations for GI proposals and cycle 1 (David)
11:30 GI vs. Team proposals and Policy issues (Steve, Rick, David)
  • disposition of "non-compliant" proposals (e.g. LAT team GI proposals making indirect use of photon data)
  • multi-year proposals and language in cycle 1 NRA; instructions to Peer Review
12:00 Discussion of Survey vs. Pointing (AI#34) and Obs. Modes memo (Julie)
12:30 Lunch (in conference room) - pick up lunch and munch over GSSC tools:
12:45 Brief Demo of cycle 1 proposal prep. Tools (e.g. sens. Maps, etc.) (David)
1:30 Multiwavelength observations and planning/coordination
  • Brief discussion of signed NRAO MOU (Steve)
  • Update on NOAO MOU discussions and draft (Buell, Steve)
  • General discussion of how to further engage the Community in MWObs (all)
2:30 Consideration of Open Action Items (hold-overs from April Telecon)
  • 7. Science Policy Document: current draft (Steve, Roger)
  • 20. Observatory parameters and SOOG (Steve)
  • 36. RPS forms: "GUG will 'try out' RPS forms" - need quick demo/trial (David)
  • 38. Incorporate analysis threads developed for DC2 into Tools (Julie, David)
3:15 Break
3:45 GI Workshops: progress report and plans for Cambridge (Steve, Josh)
4:15 Reflections on GLAST Sci. Symp.; future meetings GLAST rep. (Steve, Peter, all)
  • Upcoming talks/posters (all)
  • How to further increase GLAST awareness & community (all)
4:45 Discussion session of Committee - general discussion and possible new action items
5:30 Adjourn
6:30 GUC Dinner at local restaurant, TBD. Directions will be provided

Tuesday, June 5:

8:30 Coffee, rolls to feed conversation/collaboration
9:00 Continued discussion of possible new AIs (Josh)
9:30 Summary of SWG Activities (Steve)
10:00 Hands-on GUG-Beta Testing of RPS or proposal Tools (David, ALL)
10:30 Break
11:00 Tour of GLAST MOC (or preparations for this?) (Steve, ...?)
12:00 Lunch (in conference room) and Science Talk (continued, GUG day2 lunches):
Swift "fill-in" pointing program and implications for GLAST (Stefan Immler)
1:00 Open discussion by Committee: what have we missed? (all)
  • NEW business; what else should we be focusing on?
  • date for next GUC meeting
2:30 Adjourn