Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

Date: Wednesday, May 12, 2010
Location: GSFC, Building 34, Room W305

» Minutes

Wednesday, May 12:

8:45 Coffee, Conversation  
9:15 Introductions & Goals for Meeting Alan Marscher
9:25 News from NASA HQ Ilana Harrus
9:35 Mission Update, Status, Issues and Questions Julie McEnery
10:05 GI Program, Budget, and Costing Issues Julie McEnery
Ilana Harrus
10:30 Break, Discussions  
10:45 Cycle 3 Proposal Review and Issues Ilana Harrus
Chris Shrader
Julie McEnery
11:15 LAT Status, Plans, Science Results
- includes discussion of diffuse background model development
Steve Ritz
Julie McEnery
Dave Thompson
12:00 Lunch (sandwich, etc. buffet)  
12:45 GBM Status, Plans, Scientific Results Bill Paciesas
13:30 Multiwavelength Coordination
-includes addition of Suzaku to official joint observation list
Dave Thompson
13:45 FSSC News & Operations Report
- includes Fermi publication statistics
- includes public release of RMFIT software
- FSSC Software Status
Chris Shrader
Elizabeth Ferrara
Valerie Connaughton
Dave Davis
14:30 Data Analysis Schools
- includes gamma-ray data analysis winter school
Liz Hays
14:45 3rd Fermi Symposium Julie McEnery
15:00 Break  
15:15 General Discussion/Miscellaneous Issues All
16:15 Planning for Next Meeting & Telecon All
16:00 Adjourn