Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

2003 News

Dec 8, 2003

The First Data Challenge

The first data challenge starts with a workshop at Stanford University.
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Sep 18, 2003

Collaboration Meeting Finished

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Jun 12, 2003

Next General GLAST Collaboration Meeting Announced

The meeting will take place in Rome on 15-17 September 2003.
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Mar 19, 2003

Race to Gamma Ray Burst Reveals Gigantic Explosion, Death, and Birth

Scientists arriving on the scene of a gamma ray burst, just moments after the explosion, have witnessed the death of a gigantic star and the birth of something monstrous in its place, quite possibly a brand-new, spinning black hole.
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Apr 11, 2003

New GLAST SSC Website Goes Public

About three and a half years before the launch of GLAST, the GLAST Science Support Center (GSSC) opens its website. Looking forward to working with you!