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Gamma Ray Bursts 2010 Conference
Nov 1-4, 2010, Annapolis, MD

Dear Colleague,

We are pleased to announce the "Gamma-ray bursts 2010" conference covering recent advances in gamma-ray burst observations and theory. This meeting will be held in Annapolis, Maryland on November 1-4, 2010.

Gamma ray bursts are the most luminous explosions in the universe and thought to be the birth signatures of black holes. This is an exciting time in the GRB field as multiple missions currently provide a plethora of data on this still puzzling 50 year old phenomenon. The Fermi mission is revealing unprecedented spectral information on GRBs covering almost 7 decades of magnitude, the new Maxi mission provides an all sky X-ray monitoring of GRBs, the Swift GRB-dedicated mission continuous to swiftly monitor and locate GRBs in multiple wavebands, and AGILE, INTEGRAL, Suzaku and Konus continue to provide crucial information on GRB properties. There is also growing capability for follow-up observations by ground-based telescopes of all size classes. Searches are recently underway for TeV emission, neutrinos and gravitational waves. Complementing all these new observational results a huge theoretical effort is underway to understand the GRB phenomenon and keep up with the constant new puzzles coming from the data.

To discuss the recent new observational and theoretical progress in GRB science we plan to hold a four day conference (November 1-4, 2010) in beautiful Annapolis, Maryland. The site will be the comfortable and interesting Historic Inns of Annapolis which is located near the State capital buildings and near the waterfront.

Please note the following important dates:

May 2010 - Second circular, registration opens
Aug 15, 2010 - Abstract deadline
Sept 1, 2010 - Preliminary program
Sept 15, 2010 - early registration deadline
Oct 1, 2010 - Hotel registration deadline
Oct 15, 2010 - Registration no longer refundable

Please visit our website for more details:

We look forward to seeing you in Annapolis.

Best Regards,
Julie McEnery
Neil Gehrels
On behalf of the scientific organising committee