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Gamma Ray Bursts 2010 Conference
Nov 1-4, 2010, Annapolis, MD

GRB 2010 Proceedings

Due: January 31, 2011
Editors: McEnery, Racusin, and Gehrels
Page Limits:

Invited talks - 6 pages
Contributed talks - 4 pages
Posters - 4 pages

AIP Publishing:
8.5" x 11" Single Column Format
Instructions for Authors (including tex and doc templates):

Please submit a single tar file containing the tex, figures, and any other auxiliary bibliography or style files, or alternatively a single MS word doc file to Sandy Barnes. Label the file with your last name and a number if submitting more than one proceedings (e.g. Name_1.tar.gz).

Please do not submit color figures. If you do, they will be converted to grayscale, and may not appear as you intended. Please modify your figures accordingly.

Please fill out the AIP Transfer of Copyright Agreement and email or fax it to Sandy as well.

Sandy Barnes
Fax: +1 301.286.1681

We would also like to include photos from the conference and around Annapolis in the proceedings book. If you took any photos that you would like to submit for the proceedings, please upload the to our GRB 2010 Flickr Group.