Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

New pulsars detected in gamma rays with the Fermi-LAT

Helene Laffon
Lucas Guillemot, David Smith, Helene Laffon on behalf of the Fermi-LAT collaboration


The Fermi Large Area Telescope is a powerful pulsar detector, as demonstrated by the over one hundred objects in the 2nd catalog of pulsars detected by Fermi-LAT. Pass 8 is a new reconstruction and event selection strategy developed by the Fermi-LAT collaboration. We show Pass 8's improved pulsation sensitivity, due mainly to the increased acceptance at low energy, using a large sample of gamma-ray pulsars. Nearly a dozen new pulsars rise above the 5 sigma threshold. We then focus on a pair of 8-ms pulsars, PSRs J1455-3330 and J1730-2304, that extend the range of known gamma ray millisecond pulsars into the transition region between normal and recycled pulsars in the P-Pdot diagram. Their luminosity and light curves will be presented.