Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

Development of a micro-satellite TSUBAME for X-ray polarimetry of GRBs

Shin Kurita
H. Ohuci, M. Arimoto, Y. Yatsu, N. Kawai, M. Matsushita, S. Matunaga, on the behalf of TSUBAME team


{it TSUBAME} is a micro-satellite that the students of Tokyo Institute of Technology took the lead to develop for measuring hard X-ray polarization of Gamma-Ray Bursts(GRBs) in order to reveal the nature of the central engine of GRBs. {it TSUBAME} has two instruments: Wide-field Burst Monitor (WBM) and Hard X-ray Compton Polarimeter (HXCP). WBM, which consists of five X-ray detectors mounted on the five faces of the satellite, detects GRBs and determines those positions by monitoring the count rates in them. We aim to start observing with HXCP in 15 seconds by repointing the spacecraft using Control Moment Gyro. In this presentation, we will show the details of HXCP and WBM instruments and the current development status of {it TSUBAME}.