Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

The GAMMA-400 Space Mission

Paolo Cumani


GAMMA-400 is a new space mission which will be installed on-board the Russian space platform Navigator. It is scheduled to be launched at the beginning of the next decade. GAMMA-400 is designed to study simultaneously both gamma-rays (up to 3 TeV) and cosmic-rays (electrons and positrons from 1 GeV to 20 TeV, nuclei up to 10^{15}-10^{16} eV). Being a dual-purpose mission, GAMMA-400 will be able to address some of the most impelling science topics, such as search for signatures of dark matter, the cosmic-rays origin and propagation and the nature of transients. GAMMA-400 will try to solve the unanswered questions on these topics by high-precision measurements of the Galactic and extragalactic gamma-ray sources, Galactic and extragalactic diffuse emission and the spectra of cosmic-ray electrons + positrons and nuclei, thanks to excellent energy and angular resolution.