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Fermi Guest Investigator Workshop

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9:30 AM Coffee  
10:00 AM Fermi Mission Overview and Early Science results Julie McEnery
10:50 AM Fermi Bright Source List Dave Thompson
11:10 AM Prospects for Fermi observations of AGN Markos Georganopoulos
11:30 AM Prospects for Fermi observations of Galactic Sources Kent Wood
11:50 AM Particpant Contributions  
12:10 PM Lunch Break  
1:15 PM NRA/Cycle 2 Details Chris Shrader
1:45 PM Observing Strategies (what kinds of observations can be requested?) Julie McEnery
2:15 PM Proposal Preparaion Tools, Science Tools Overview Robin Corbet
2:45 PM Data Analysis Example Elizabeth Ferrara
3:15 PM Open time for further discussion All