Explosive Transients: Lighthouses of the Universe
September 15-20, 2013, Santorini, Greece


The Petros Nomikos Conference Center can accommodate up to 100 posters (70 cm width X 120 cm height). All posters will be exhibited during the entire duration of the meeting.


Alexandra Veledina - Hot accretion in black hole transients
David Russell - The multi-wavelength polarisation of Cygnus X-1 and other X-ray binaries
Jamie Kennea - These Machines Find Black Holes: The MAXI/Swift Transient Program
Sivan Ginzburg - Superluminous Light Curves from Supernovae Exploding in a Dense Wind
Lucy Heil - Power-Colours: Power Spectral Classification Made Easy
Antonella Tarana - The NSLMXB 4U 1722-30 long monitoring with INTEGRAL and Swift
George Livadiotis - Large scale quantization in space and astrophysical plasmas
Stefano Ciprini - Five Years of Fermi LAT Flare Advocate Activity
M. Ward - Recent PanSTARSS results
A. de Luca - EXTraS - Exploring the X-ray Transient and variable Sky


Peter Gonthier - Compton Scattering Cross Sections in Strong Magnetic Fields: Advances for Neutron Star Applications
Dmitry Svinkin - A search for giant flares from soft gamma-repeaters in nearby galaxies in the Konus-Wind short burst sample
Sirin Caliskan - The evolution of XDINS with fallback disks
Sinem Sasmaz Mus - Timing Properties of Anomalous X-ray Pulsar 1RXS J170849.0-400910
Onur Benli - Long-Term Evolution and X-ray Enhancement Of Swift J1822.3-1606
Andrew Collazzi - The Five Year GBM Magnetar Catalog


Jakub Ripa - A curious calculation of the luminosity distance for the flat cosmological model using the elliptic integral of the first kind
Jakub Ripa - Spectral lags and peak-count rates of gamma-ray bursts from the RHESSI satellite
Takanori Sakamoto - Spectral Cross-Calibration of the Konus-Wind, the Suzaku/WAM, the Swift/BAT and the Fermi/GBM Data Using Simultaneously Observed GRBs
Massimiliano De Pasquale - The optical rebrightening of GRB100814A: an interplay of forward and reverse shocks?
Sylvain Guiriec - Evidence for a Photospheric Component in the Prompt Emission of the Short GRB120323A and its Effects on the GRB Hardness-Luminosity Relation
Haruka Ueno - Spectral Evolutions in Gamma-Ray Burst Exponential Decays Observed with Swift/BAT and Suzaku/WAM
Jochen Greiner - Prompt optical emission for GRB 121217A
Rebekah Hounsell - Precise astrometry on the unusual transient GRB 110328A/Swift J164449.3+573451
JudithRacusin - NuSTAR Observations of GRB 130427A


Jakub Ripa - Testing and Performance of UFFO Burst Alert & Trigger Telescope
Taro Kotani - Development of a New GRB Camera with a Random-Hole Imager
Ilan Sagiv - ULTRASAT: A UV Transient Explorer