Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

The VERITAS Collaborative Program: Category A Sources

It is expected that there will be some overlap between proposals and ongoing VERITAS programs. To this end, the proposal will be placed in one of three categories: projects that are off-limits to GI proposers (Category A, list below), ongoing VERITAS projects that are eligible for collaboration (Category B, confidentially known to to the FSSC manager and the VERITAS spokesperson) and projects not in conflict with any existing VERITAS program (Category C). Any proposals falling into Category A will be identified as ineligible to request VERITAS observations and will be graded solely on their Fermi related content. Proposals in Category B will be invited to collaborate with the VERITAS team (but project leadership by the proposer is not guaranteed). PIs of proposals falling into Category C will be expected to lead the collaborative effort. This categorization will occur at the NOI stage or post-submission technical review stage depending on whether or not an NOI was submitted.

Category A Sources

Source NameOther NamesRADEC
GRBs less than 1 hour oldNew GRBsTBDTBD