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Due to a glitch in the analysis pipeline there are apparent increases in flux around MJD 56810 for many sources. These increases are *not* real and should be disregarded. The problem is now believed to be fixed, and the most recent flux measurements are expected to be correct. At a later date the light curves will be reprocessed to remove these incorrect data points.

Please pay attention to all of the caveats on the Aperture Photometry Lightcurve Page. All of the warnings detailed there pertain to this analysis as well.

The following lightcurves were found to have extraordinary flaring events in the last 28 days. This page is updated whenever the Aperture Photometry Lightcurves are updated. These events were determined in the following fashion:

  1. The mean and standard deviation of the count rate is found for each light curve weighted by the error.
  2. The deviation from the mean is calculated for each point in each lightcurve (weighted by the error on the count rate and the standard deviation in quadrature).
  3. The mean and standard deviation of the deviations of all datapoints of all lightcurves are then computed.
  4. Any lightcurve exhibiting a '4 sigma' flare (4 times the standard deviation of the deviations of all of the lightcurves) in the last 28 days is then shown here.

Each panel shows:

  • the 2FGL name,
  • the 2FGL coordinates as a link to a Simbad search (radius of 10 arcmin),
  • the Aperture Photometry Lightcurve, and
  • the 2FGL association (if any) as a link to a Simbad search.

Looking for flares from MJD 56924 to MJD 56952.

Data: 2FGLJ2133.5-6431
Data: 2FGLJ1911.5-1908
Assoc: PMN J1911-1908
Data: 2FGLJ0505.4+0419
Assoc: MG1 J050533+0415
Data: 2FGLJ0841.6+7052
Assoc: 4C +71.07
Data: 2FGLJ0505.5+0501
Assoc: PKS 0502+049
Data: 2FGLJ1354.7-1047
Assoc: PKS 1352-104
Data: 2FGLJ1911.1-2005
Assoc: PKS B1908-201
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