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Fermi Guest Investigator Program

Cycle-9 Stage-I Proposal Selections

The Stage-I selection process has now been completed. A list of the selected proposals is now available. The PIs of these proposals should review the review materials below and instructions in their forthcoming selection letters on regarding procedures for submitting a stage-II proposal.

Information regarding past selections including a historical summary of the GI program is available on this web site for anyone interested.

Fermi Cycle 10

Proposals to the Fermi Cycle-10 Guest Investigator program will be due on February 24, 2017. Note that this is about one month later in the calendar year than it has been in recent cycles. Several minor changes to the program will be implemented for Cycle 10. These include adjustments to the budget caps for each proposal type. Also, two-year duration Regular Programs will no longer be offered. These changes and a complete description of the program are documented in a revised version of ROSES Appendix D.6 released on October 19, 2016. Detailed instructions for submitting a Fermi Cycle-10 GI proposal will appear on this website in the near future.

Documentation for Past GI Programs

This information is retained for historical reference only. Please refer exclusively to the documents pertaining to the current proposal cycle in preparing your proposal.