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Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope
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ACD Publications and Presentations

Description Submitted By Date Format
ACD Presentation at the Instrument Analysis Workshop Alex Moiseev July 14, 2005 PDF
Observation and Simulations of the Backsplash Effects in High-Energy Gamma-Ray Telescopes Containing a Massive Calorimeter Alex Moiseev, et. al. 2004 PDF
ACD Presentation from 2004 SLAC LAT Collaboration Meeting Alex Moiseev September 2004 PDF
ACD Presentation from 2003 Rome LAT Collaboration Meeting Alex Moiseev September 15, 2003 PDF
ACD Overview (SLAC Internal LAT Review, April 16-18, 2002) Dave Thompson April 11, 2002 PDF
XXVI ICRC Paper - Anticoincidence Detector for GLASTAlex Moiseev1999PDF
XXVI ICRC Paper - Detection of Galactic Dark Matter by GLAST Alex Moiseev 1999 PDF
XXVI ICRC Poster - Anticoincidence Detector for GLAST Alex Moiseev 1999 PowerPoint