Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

Gamma-ray emission spectrum in HESS J1912+101 region

Tsutomu Nagayoshi
(David Green, Christian Fruck, Marcel Strzys)


The shock waves of supernova remnants (SNRs) are known cosmic-ray accelerators. A general feature of the blast wave is an extended shell visible in GeV and TeV gamma rays. HESS J1912+101 is a bright unassociated extended TeV source (10% Crab flux at 1 TeV) with a shell-like structure. This source has no counterparts at other wavelengths so far, hence it is still labeled as "SNR candidate". We are going to present the results of a deep observation campaign with the MAGIC telescopes together with 10 years of PASS 8 Fermi-LAT data. In order to analyze the data, we use a new 2D likelihood software called SkyPrism that allows parameterization of the morphology measured by MAGIC telescopes. Connecting the TeV and GeV emission, we could extend the spectrum to lower energies by three orders of magnitude and reveal a power-law with a hard spectral index and a cut-off.