Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

Discovery of two energetic gamma-ray pulsars powering supernova remnants MSH 11-62 and CTB 37A

Pablo Saz Parkinson
(Brent Limyansky (Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics, University of California, Santa Cruz), Colin Clark (Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, University of Manchester) , Martino Marelli (INAF-IASF, Milano), Soheila Abdollahi (Hiroshima University), Fernando Camilo (SKA South Africa))


One of the biggest successes of the Fermi Large Area Telescope has been its ability to discover pulsars in blind searches of the gamma-ray data. Here we report the discovery of two new energetic pulsars, using ten years of LAT data. The pulsars, thought to be powering the supernova remnants MSH 11-62 (G291.0-0.1) and CTB 37A (G348.5+0.1) share many characteristics, including their young characteristic age, energetic nature, and noisy/glitchy behavior, making their pulsations challenging to find. We report results on these two pulsars based on the gamma-ray analysis, as well as some preliminary findings from X-ray and radio observations.