Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

Pulsar Wind Nebulae from Radio to X-rays and Gamma-rays

Noel Klingler
(Oleg Kargaltsev)


Rotation-powered pulsars (RPPs) transfer most of their energy into a magnetized relativistic wind, emitting synchrotron radiation from radio to soft gamma-rays which we see as a pulsar wind nebulae (PWN). Pulsar parameters leave an imprint on both the properties of magnetospheric emission and PWN emission (e.g., PWN structures and morphology). I will present multiwavelength properties of bright PWNe seen from radio to GeV and TeV gamma-rays and whose morphologies have been resolved in detail X-ray/radio, which allows placing additional constraints on the magnetospheric geometry and particle acceleration mechanism. I will also discuss PWN variability and dynamics revealed by recent Chandra observations.