Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

GSpec: A New GBM Spectral Analysis Application as part of the GBM Data Tools

Adam Goldstein
(William S. Cleveland, Daniel Kocevski, Robert D. Preece)


Prior to the launch of Fermi, the GBM team developed a GUI-based spectral analysis software tool in IDL, called RMfit, specializing in the analysis of GBM trigger data. More than 10 years later, an open source, multi-wavelength approach is desirable, integrating with the long-standing community standard fitting engine, XSPEC. GSpec is a replacement of RMfit, implemented in Python, that allows analysis of GBM data via a user-interactive GUI similar to RMfit and additionally enables users to create their own Python scripts using the included libraries. GSpec will provide a seamless interface to XSPEC and will allow users to define additional data reduction techniques, such as background fitting/estimation and data binning, as Python-based plugins. I will demonstrate the various features of the debut version of GSpec, and I will highlight that it is part of a larger effort to produce a set of GBM data tools to allow the broader community to analyze all aspects of GBM data, including the continuous data that GBM produces.