Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

Unveiling the anisotropies in the unresolved gamma-ray background.

Michela Negro


A deep view of the gamma-ray sky has been revealed in the last decade by the Fermi Large Area Telescope (LAT), offering an outstanding picture of our Universe at the highest energies. A great part of this gamma-ray emission has been resolved, studied and attributed to known astrophysical objects and processes. Resolving the nature of the gamma-ray emission acquires even more significance as the results can be exploited to unveil the origin of the leftover component, the Unresolved Gamma-Ray Background (UGRB). Ten years of operations have provided the community with an unprecedented large sample of high quality gamma-ray photons with very low contamination, opening a new window on the study of the UGRB: the measurement and characterisation of its spatial anisotropy. In this talk I will review the recent achievements of gamma-ray anisotropy analyses highlighting the near future evolutions of the UGRB study.