Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

Tools for Creating Analysis Pipelines for Diffuse Emission Modelling and Dark Matter Searches

Eric Charles
(Matthew Wood, Mattia Di Mauro)


We present python based software tools that we have developed to build analysis pipelines to perform all-sky diffuse emission fitting (the "fermipy-diffuse" package) and dark matter searches (the "dmpipe" package) with Fermi-LAT data. These tools are based on the Fermipy software package and use the Fermi-LAT science tools for the analysis of high-energy gamma-ray data. The tools facilitate parallelizing analysis steps on multiple networked hosts, such as convolving numerous different all-sky emission templates with the LAT instrument response functions, or analyzing multiple dark matter search targets simultaneously. In particular the tools greatly simplify the task of generating and analyzing simulated realizations of the analysis for control studies. We describe examples of how we have used the tools to perform Fermi-LAT data analysis. Finally, we discuss how the tools can be easily extended to other cases where it desirable to have highly parallel analysis pipeline.