Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

Exploring the nature of a possible neutrino source MGRO J1908+06

Jian Li
(Jian Li, D. Torres, M. Kerr, R. Buehler on behalf of the Fermi-LAT collaboration, E. de Ona Wilhelmi, H. N. He., Q.C. Liu)


MGRO J1908+06 is an unidentified, bright TeV source and has been proposed as one of the most likely neutrino sources. However, no conclusive counterpart of MGRO J1908+06 has been detected at other wavelengths, and its nature remains unknown. Possible counterparts consistent with its position and shape include the pulsar J1907+0602 and the SNR G40.5-0.5. PSR J1907+0602 is a 106.6 ms gamma-ray pulsar with high spin down power (∼ 2.8×10^36 erg/s). SNR G40.5-0.5 is ~20k year old supernova remnant. By analyzing multi-wavelength data (GeV (Fermi-LAT), X-ray, optical, radio), we explore the possibility of MGRO J1908+06 being powered by a pulsar wind nebula from PSR J1907+0602 or via hadronic processes from cosmic rays produced in SNR G40.5-05.