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Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

Scientific Organizing Committee

Eighth International Fermi Symposium

Judy Racusin (Co-Chair, NASA/GSFC)
Dave Thompson (Co-Chair, NASA/GSFC)
Markus Ackermann (DESY)
Regina Caputo (NASA/GSFC)
Colin Clark (Jodrell Bank, U. Manchester)
Fiorenza Donato (U. Torino)
Guillaume Dubus (IPAG)
Elizabeth Ferrara (NASA/GSFC/UMCP)
Dieter Hartmann (Clemson U.)
Jamie Holder (U. Delaware)
Luca Latronico (INFN-Torino)
Tim Linden (Ohio State U.)
Alan Marscher (Boston U.)
Julie McEnery (NASA/GSFC)
Peter Michelson (Stanford)
Tsunefumi Mizuno (Hiroshima U.)
Melissa Pesce-Rollins (INFN-Pisa)
Felix Ryde (KTH)
Peter Shawhan (UMCP)
Tracy Slatyer (MIT)
Alexander van der Horst (GWU)
Andreas von Kienlin (MPE)
Colleen Wilson-Hodge (NASA/MSFC)