Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope
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Documents and Papers

Description Author Date Format
"The Origin of Cosmic Rays: What Can GLAST Say?" J. Ormes, et al., ACE-2000 March 15, 2000 DOC or PDF
"Detection of Galactic Dark Matter by GLAST" Related Presentation A. Moiseev, et al., ICRC 99 Feb 23, 2000 PDF or PS
DSR Final Report of the ACD A. Moiseev, et al. Feb 23, 2000 DOC or PDF
"What Can GLAST Say About the Origin of Cosmic Rays in Other Galaxies" S. Digel, et al., ACE-2000 Feb 17, 2000 PDF
"GLAST, GRBs, and Quantum Gravity" J. Norris, et al. November 22, 1999 PDF
"Anticoincidence Detector for GLAST" A. Moiseev, et al. November 1999 PDF
Simulations of Alternative Designs for the GLAST Calorimeter H. Arrighi, J. Norris, and Steve Ritz December 5, 1998 HTML
Veritas Workshop Paper N. Gehrels & P. Michelson November 1998 HTML
ACD Design Document - Beam Test Configuration (GSFC only) D. Thompson November 3, 1998 HTML
COSPAR Meeting Paper T. Kamae, et. al. July 1998 PDF or PS
Performance Comparisons Between GLAST Instrument Concepts - Updated DRAFT S. Digel June 1998 HTML
Investigation of Energy Depositions By The Pair In Top of Calorimeter (Attempt to Improve Low Energy Resolution) H. Arrighi & J. Norris Febuary 1998 HTML
Beam Test of Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope Components W. B. Atwood, et. al. October 1997 astro-ph