Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

LAT 4FGL-DR2 Catalog Aperture Photometry Lightcurve Flares

Please pay attention to all of the caveats on the Aperture Photometry Lightcurve Page. All of the warnings detailed there pertain to this analysis as well.

The following lightcurves were found to have extraordinary flaring events in the last 28 days. This page is updated whenever the Aperture Photometry Lightcurves are updated. These events were determined in the following fashion:

  1. The mean and standard deviation of the count rate is found for each light curve weighted by the error.
  2. The deviation from the mean is calculated for each point in each lightcurve (weighted by the error on the count rate and the standard deviation in quadrature).
  3. The mean and standard deviation of the deviations of all datapoints of all lightcurves are then computed.
  4. Any lightcurve exhibiting a '4 sigma' flare (4 times the standard deviation of the deviations of all of the lightcurves) in the last 28 days is then shown here.

Each panel shows:

  • the 4FGL-DR2 name,
  • the 4FGL-DR2 coordinates as a link to a Simbad search (radius of 10 arcmin),
  • the Aperture Photometry Lightcurve, and
  • the 4FGL-DR2 association (if any) as a link to a Simbad search.

Looking for flares from MJD 59046 to MJD 59074.

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