Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

First Fermi-LAT Catalog of Sources above 10 GeV (1FHL)

This catalog of LAT sources above 10 GeV reports the locations, spectra, and variability properties of the 514 sources significantly detected in this range during the first three years of the Fermi mission. Many of these sources are already included in the 2FGL catalog, although in that catalog their characterization is dominated by the much larger numbers of gamma rays detected in the energy range 0.1 to 10 GeV.

63 sources in the 1FHL catalog are not associated with 2FGL sources. Blazars and blazar candidates amount to 75% of the entire catalog (86% of the associated sources), indicating that this source class largely dominates the highest-energy LAT sky. The second largest source class is pulsars, with 5.2% of the catalog total. SNRs and PWNs together are only 4.5% of the catalog. 65 1FHL sources could not be associated with sources of known natures.

This catalog describes the high-energy properties of these 514 sources, and discusses the characteristics of the source populations detected in this energy range. For a full explanation about the catalog and its construction see the LAT 1FHL Catalog Paper draft on arxiv.

1FHL Catalog Data Tables

The First LAT High-Energy Catalog is available as a FITS file. In addition, the full table giving the characteristics of the 1FHL Sources with AGN associations (Table 7 from the paper) is provided in FITS format. Both files are linked below.

First LAT High-Energy Catalog Change Log

Rev Date Filename Change Description
7 29 July 2013 gll_psch_v07.fit
Corrections made for resubmission.
6 28 June 2013 gll_psch_v06.fit
Initial release.