Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

Third Fermi-LAT Catalog of High-Energy Sources (3FHL)

This catalog of LAT sources reports the locations and spectra of sources significantly detected in the 10 GeV – 2 TeV energy range during the first 7 years of the Fermi mission using the Pass 8 event-level analysis. This catalog should be considered preliminary.

For a full description of the catalog see the LAT 3FHL Catalog Paper draft on the arXiv.

Caveat: Please note that this is a preliminary pre-publication release of the catalog. The information contained within has undergone several levels of review and analysis but changes could still occur during the journal review process.

3FHL Catalog Data Tables

The Third LAT High-Energy Catalog is available as FITS and XML files. These files are linked below.

Third LAT High-Energy Catalog Change Log

Rev Date Filename Change Description
v13 19 July 2017 gll_psch_v13.fit Updated redshifts
v12 2 May 2017 gll_psch_v12.fit.gz Updated for v2 of 3FHL catalog paper.
v11 3 Feb 2017 gll_psch_v11.fit.gz Initial preliminary release.