Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

LAT Third Catalog of Gamma-ray Pulsars

Having discovered pulsations from nearly 300 rotation-powered pulsars, and steady point sources colocated with another 40 millisecond pulsars (MSPs), the Fermi LAT established pulsars as the dominant GeV gamma-ray source class in the Milky Way. Among them are dozens of young radio-quiet pulsars discovered via pulsations in LAT data, dozens of radio-loud young and recycled pulsars previously known from their radio pulsations, and dozens of MSPs detected in the radio following their discovery as unassociated LAT sources.

This catalog characterizes the known gamma-ray pulsars as uniformly as feasible using as much as 14 years of on-orbit data. The Third Fermi LAT Catalog of Gamma-ray Pulsars Catalog (3PC) paper details the catalog and its construction.

Catalog Data Products

Again, for more information about the catalog see the LAT Third Pulsar Catalog Paper. Feedback about the catalog paper and electronic supplement should be directed to the paper contact authors: David Smith smith@cenbg.in2p3.fr, Philippe Bruel Philippe.Bruel@llr.in2p3.fr, Colin Clark colin.clark@aei.mpg.de, Lucas Guillemot lucas.guillemot@cnrs-orleans.fr, Matthew Kerr matthew.kerr@gmail.com, and Paul Ray paul.s.ray3.civ@us.navy.mil. All changes will be documented in the change log below.

LAT Third Pulsar Catalog Change Log

Rev Date Filename Change Description
1 27 July 2023 3PC_Catalog+SEDs_20230727.fits Initial Release
2 03 Aug 2023 3PC_Catalog+SEDs_20230803.fits 11 sources were missing data in SED plots. See README for details.
3 19 Apr 2024 3PC_CatalogData_20240419.tgz,3PC_ProfileData_20240419.tgz, and README_3PC_ProfileData.txt. Fix ascii formatting that caused some numerical columns to overflow to ****** in the .asc files.