Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

Fourth LAT AGN Catalog (4LAC, 4LAC-DR2 and 4LAC-DR3)

We present the Fourth Catalog of Active Galactic Nuclei detected by the LAT (4LAC) based on 8 years of data. The full description of the catalog is given in this paper. Also available on arXiv. Two incremental versions of that catalog are also available:

  • 4LAC-DR2, for Data Release 2, based on 10 years of data. Its contents is outlined in this document. The data analysis is identical to 4LAC, so the reference is still the 4LAC paper. Please cite both documents when you use the 4LAC-DR2.
  • 4LAC-DR3, for Data Release 3, based on 12 years. This document describes its contents.

4LAC Catalog Data Tables

The Fourth Catalog of Active Galactic Nuclei (4LAC) is available as FITS files.