Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

Support for Multiwavelength Observations

The Fermi mission recognizes the importance of multiwavelength observations for Fermi science (see the statement of the Fermi Users' Group). Fermi's support of multiwavelength observations is coordinated through the Multiwavelength Observations webpage. Fermi sponsors many observational programs that provide multiwavelength observations to support Fermi science.

Please report multiwavelength observations that are relevant to Fermi on this webform. You may indicate that this information is proprietary. Non-proprietary information reported through this webform can be seen here. This information will help us plan the Fermi observing timeline.

In addition, when evaluating the impact of a TOO, we review the scheduled or ongoing multiwavelength observations that have been reported to the FSSC. If planned observations would be impacted, the project requires a higher level of urgency before implementing a TOO, but we can only conduct trade studies against known campaigns. Alternately, if a TOO is undertaken, we will inform observers who have reported their planned campaigns so that they can re-evaluate their plans.

Multiwavelength Support

The FSSC provides a number of services that support multiwavelength observations:

  • Timelines — Fermi's planned observations are posted. These timelines and the associated tools are available to assist observers in determining when a source will be observed.
  • Source Detectability Tools — The proposal preparation tools can also be used to estimate the detectability by Fermi of candidates for multiwavelength campaigns.
  • Multimission Analysis — The Fermi Science Tools are an extension of the HEADAS analysis system and use FITS files, facilitating joint analysis of Fermi data with that of other missions or telescopes.

Questions about the FSSC's support of multiwavelength observations should be submitted through the FSSC help desk. Other questions about Fermi's support of multiwavelength observations should be addressed to Dave Thompson.