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Mar 9, 2015

Aperture Photometry Light Curves for LAT 3FGL Catalog Sources

Aperture photometry light curves of all 3FGL sources with 30 day time resolution, together with power spectra of these, are now available. These will normally be updated weekly. In addition, results of an automatic search for flaring 3FGL sources are also provided with weekly updates. Light curves and power spectra are here. Flaring sources are here.

Feb 26, 2014

Production of CTTE Data Resumed

The GBM team has resumed production of continuous Time-Tagged Event (CTTE) data and nominal operations.

Feb 23, 2015

CTTE Data Temporarily Disabled

The GBM team has temporarily disabled the production of continuous Time-Tagged Event (CTTE) data and will produce TTE data only when in triggered mode.
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Jan 9, 2015

Third Catalog of Fermi-LAT Sources Released

The 3FGL catalog is based on the first four years of LAT science data. It contains 3033 sources of gamma-rays from 100 MeV to 300 GeV. The catalog is provided as a FITS table and as PDF files, and is accompanied by important caveats as well as a draft of the paper describing the details of the catalog preparation. The 3FGL catalog represents a major milestone and is a great accomplishment by the international Fermi-LAT team.
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