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Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

Fermi Fridays - February

Introduction to Gamma-Ray Pulsars
February is Pulsar Month! Introduction to Gamma-Ray Pulsars
Find out about these small, but powerful, objects. Discover why Fermi is great at finding more of them!
Finding new gamma-ray pulsars is hard, especially because Fermi doesn't detect gamma rays from every pulse. Learn more about how scientists use home computers across the globe to solve this computational problem!
Behind The Scenes: Where are they now?
What happens after grad school? These students studied pulsars and used Fermi data to get their PhDs. Find out what they studied, and what kind of work they are doing today.
Animation students from the Maryland Institute College of Art found inspiration from Fermi pulsars. Take a look at the animations, as well as the science behind them. As a bonus, check out the Fermi Cake Committee's first cake!