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Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

Fermi Fridays - June

Every summer, a group of students converge at the Delaware shore to learn about Fermi, gamma-rays, and the various analysis techniques used in gamma-ray astrophysics. The 2-week school is intensive, but they still manage to find time to have fun!
Announcing an intergalactic competition! Join us for a contest to find the top Fermi science result. Round 1 is open until 10am EDT June 21. Vote for your favorites now!
Ten years ago today, Fermi roared into the sky and began its mission of discovery. Read more about that day from a member of the Fermi team.
Fermi Talks Tech: Where is Fermi?
Fermi's orbit was defined to maximize the science from the mission. Find out where Fermi is, and why scientists wanted it there.
Announcing the winners from the Suite Sixteen!
Find out how your favorite science topic fared, and jump into the next round of voting!
Learn about how Fermi avoided another satellite that was headed on a colision course!