Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

Installation Instructions for the GBM Response Generator

NOTE: GRB trigger data from GBM already have a standard set of response functions delivered to the data archive, so there is generally no need to redo them.

1. Install the prerequisite programs:


The script will run the system perl (/usr/bin/perl) by default. If you want to use a different version of perl (e.g. from macports) or if your perl is installed in a different location then be sure to specify the correct perl location as instructed in step 4 below.

Also make sure you install the Astro::FITS::CFITSIO module using the same perl interpreter that will be used to execute the scripts. If you installed Astro::FITS::CFITSIO module but the script gives an error that it can't be found, then it means that you may have (as in the case of macports perl) installed it for a different perl interpreter than is being called.

You can double check the perl interpreter with:

$ which perl

and then specify the path returned in step 4 below.

Install instructions (using homebrew):

$ brew install cmake
$ brew install gcc
$ brew install cfitsio

Install instructions (using macports):

(remove the sudo from the command line if not needed)

$ sudo port install cmake
$ sudo port install gcc6
Note: You can install a different gcc. It will work with gcc version 4.4.7 and above

$ sudo port install cfitsio +gcc6
Note: Make sure the variant matches the gcc version you installed.
(e.g. $ port install cfitsio +gcc46 if you installed gcc version 4.4.7)

Astro::FITS::CFITSIO Installation

You will need to install Astro::FITS::CFITSIO **after** you install the CFITSIO library. It can be installed from CPAN:

$ sudo cpan install Astro::FITS::CFITSIO

NOTE: If your CFTISIO library isn't located at /usr/local then you may need to specify its location with:

$ sudo CFITSIO=(base directory of library) cpan install Astro::FITS::CFITSIO
(e.g. $ sudo CFITSIO=/opt/local cpan install Astro::FITS::CFITSIO)

2. Untar the attached GBM RSP

$ tar xvjf gbmrsp-2.0.10.tar.bz2

3. Create the build directory in the base directory of the project

$ cd gbmrsp-2.0
$ mkdir build

You should have the following directory tree:

|— build
|— data
..|— GBMDRMdb002
....|— BGO_00
....|— BGO_01
....|— NAI_00
....|— NAI_01
....|— NAI_02
....|— NAI_03
....|— NAI_04
....|— NAI_05
....|— NAI_06
....|— NAI_07
....|— NAI_08
....|— NAI_09
....|— NAI_10
....|— NAI_11
..|— inputs
|— src
..|— fortran
..|— perl

4. Create the build files (by default this will install in /usr/local)

$ cd build

By default the software will install in /usr/local if this is what you want:
$ cmake ../src

Or to install to a different directory:
$ cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=your-target-directory ../src
(e.g. $ cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/home/jdoe/gbmrsp ../src)

If you would like or need to specify the compiler to be used:
$ cmake -DCMAKE_Fortran_COMPILER=(full path name of your compiler) ../src
(e.g. $ cmake -DCMAKE_Fortran_COMPILER=/opt/local/bin/gfortran ../src)

To specify which perl executable should be used:
$ cmake -DPERL_EXEC=(full path name of perl) ../src
(e.g. $ cmake -DPERL_EXEC=/usr/local/bin/perl ../src )

You can use multiple defines with the cmake command, for example:
$ cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/home/jdoe/gbmrsp \
-DCMAKE_Fortran_COMPILER=/opt/local/bin/gfortran \
-DPERL_EXEC=/usr/local/bin/perl ../src

Note: If the name of the compiler executable is something other than "gfortran" or "f95", or is not in the PATH you will have to specify it using
-DCMAKE_Fortan_COMPILER as shown above.

5. Compile and install the programs (remove sudo if not necessary)

$ make
$ sudo make install


To uninstall the programs, using Finder (for Macs):

  1. Goto to the /usr/local directory with SHIFT-COMMAND-G.
  2. Move the gbmrsp folder to the trash.
  3. Open the bin directory by double clicking the folder.
  4. Move the gbmrsp.exe and SA_GBM_RSP_Gen.pl to the trash.