Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

Analysis Threads

The analysis threads are step-by-step guides to various types of analyses that you can do with Fermi data. You should have basic understanding of the analysis tools and the essentials of LAT analysis.

Note: These threads are based on the use of Pass 8 data. If you need information on Pass 7 data analysis, look here. Pass 6 analysis is no longer available with the Fermitools. A description of modifications made for the Pass 8 data set is available here.

Data Selection

These threads cover the basics of obtaining LAT data, applying selection cuts, and a few simple types of analyses.

Source Analysis

These threads go through source analysis, especially maximum likelihood fitting, using both the standard command line versions of the tools and the Python interface.

GRB Analysis

Gamma-ray burst (GRB) analysis can be done with both LAT and GBM data, unlike the LAT only threads available on this page.

Pulsar Analysis

The pulsar community generally relies on non-Fermi specific tools like TEMPO2, PINT, and PRESTO for the bulk of pulsar analysis and only use the Fermitools for initial data reduction. The following analysis threads only offer basic functionality.

Observation Simulation

These tutorials demonstrate using the observation and orbit simulation tools, which might be useful to make a realistic assessment of the detection significance achievable within a given time interval or the ability to constrain source model parameters for a given source intensity.

Further Resources

These are some potentially useful resources for data analysis.