Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

LAT Collaboration Meeting Working Groups

Working Group I: Extended Sources and Diffuse Radiation
Organizers: S. Digel, A. Strong, Y. Fukazawa

(1) Galactic Diffuse Radiation and Emission from Normal Galaxies
(2) Gamma-Ray Emission from Molecular Clouds
(4) Gamma-Ray Emission from Plerions
(5) Cosmic Ray Acceleration and Gamma-Ray Emission from SNR Shells
(6) High-Energy Emission from Galaxy Clusters

Working Group II: Galactic Sources and Unidentified Sources
Organizers: I. Grenier, N. Gehrels, P. Caraveo, D. Thompson, P. Nolan

(7) Particle Acceleration and Gamma-Ray Emission in Pulsars
(8) High-Energy Emission from Neutron Stars in Binary Systems
(12) Unidentified Sources: Population Studies
(13) Unidentified Sources: Radio/Optical/X-ray Identifications
(14) High-Energy Emission from Stellar-Mass Galactic Black Hole Candidates
(15) The Galactic Center

Working Group III: Extragalactic Sources
Organizers: C. Dermer, R. Johnson, R. Hartman, T. Kamae

(3) Extraglactic Diffuse Radiation and LogN-LogS of Extragalactic Sources
(9) Gamma-Ray Emission from Blazar AGNs; Mechanisms, Multi-wavelength Spectral Studies, Time Variability
(10) Luminosity Evolution of AGN Blazars and Spectral Cutoffs: Population and EBL Studies
(11) High-Energy Emission from Seyfert Galaxies and Radio Galaxies

Working Group IV: Searches for New Physics
Organizers: E. Bloom, P. Carlson, A. Morselli

(16) Spectral Searches for Dark Matter
(17) Search for Signatures of Quantum Gravity
(18) Search for Primordial Black Hole Evaporation

Working Group V: GRBs and Solar Flares
Organizers: (N. Gehrels, J. Share, J. Scargle), J. Norris, G. Barbiellini, R. Svensson

(19) Gamma-Ray Bursts: Testing Emission Models
(20) Gamma-Ray Bursts: Afterglows and Multi-wavelength Observations
(21) Solar Flares