Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

Fermi Users' Group

The Fermi Users' Group (FUG) is a group of approximately a dozen members from relavant science communities and external to the project. This group provides broad-based input from the Fermi User Community to the Fermi Project and NASA Headquarters. The FUG nominally meets twice a year.

The FUG shall be the primary interface between the user community and Project over its lifetime and assist the Project Scientist in preparation for Senior Reviews of the mission during its operational phase.

FUG meetings are a forum for the Guest Investigator (GI) community to provide feedback on the Fermi Science Support Center (FSSC) and the Instrument Teams with respect to the planning and execution of Fermi development and operations. The key areas that the group considers and reviews includes: analysis software and data distribution from the FSSC, data rights and policy issues, planning for NRAs for selection and execution of GI programs, balance of resources for GI programs and support for the analysis and data distribution tools developed by the FSSC and Instrument Teams, broad dissemination of Fermi science results.

If you have a matter you would like raised at a FUG meeting, please contact one of the members.

Information on the Next FUG Meeting

  • The FUG generally meets annually in the late summer/early fall time frame.
  • Your input into this meeting is welcome; feel free to contact any active FUG member (see list below) with your concerns or suggestions.

FUG Documents

Note that in some of these documents, which are retained for historical reference, the observatory and associated entities are referred to by the pre-launch name GLAST (Gamma-ray Large Area Telescope).

Minutes and Presentations from FUG Meetings and Telecons:

» Archive of Past Meetings

Current Users' Group Members:

Marcos Santander jmsantander _at_ ua.edu University of Alabama
Laura Blecha lblecha _at_ ufl.edu University of Florida
Paolo Coppi paolo.coppi _at_ yale.edu Yale University
Alessandra Corsi alessandra.corsi _@_ ttu.edu Texas Tech
Wen-fai Fong wfong _@_ northwestern.edu Northwestern University
Naoko Kurahashi Neilson naoko _@_ drexel.edu Drexel University
Justin Linford jlinford _at_ nrao.edu National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Eileen Meyer meyer _at_ umbc.edu University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Annika Peter peter.33 _at_ osu.edu Ohio State University
Ex Officio Members    
Michael Briggs GBM Deputy PI/UAH
Lynn Cominsky E/PO lead/Sonoma State U.  
Elizabeth Hays Project Scientist/GSFC  
Bill Latter Program Scientist/NASA HQ  
Peter Michelson LAT PI/Stanford  
Judith Racusin Deputy Project Scientist/GSFC  
Chris Shrader FSSC, lead/GSFC  
Colleen Wilson-Hodge GBM PI/MSFC  

Members of the FUG are chosen by the NASA HQ Program Scientist and Chair, in concurrence. The Chair is appointed by the NASA HQ Program Scientist. Approximately a dozen members from relevant science communities and external to the Project shall constitute the Committee, with staggered terms of 3 years. Members are chosen for their expertise in a broad range of fields, including Particle Physics, relevant to Fermi as well as (secondarily) distribution of institutions.

» Former Users' Group Members