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Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

FSSC Data Analysis Workshops

Workshop Presentations

These presentations are listed in reverse time order. It is advisable to use the more recent presentations, as older ones may be out of date or no longer applicable. The name of the presenter is included for each document.

2014 May 27 - June 6: Fermi Summer School - Lewes, Delaware

2013 May 28 - June 7: Fermi Summer School - Lewes, Delaware

2012 August 22 - 23: Fermi Solar Data Analysis Workshop - GFSC

2012 May 29 - June 8: Fermi Summer School - Lewes, Delaware

2011 May 31 - June 10: Fermi Summer School - Lewes, Delaware

2010 Nov 8-12: GRB Analysis Workshop - GRB Analysis of LAT Data

2010 Mar 14: Les Diablerets, Switzerland

2010 Apr 26-30: Guadalajara, Mexico

2010 Feb 8-19: Fermi-Cospar - Bangalore, India

These files were originally held at the Fermi-Cospar website.

2010 Jan 11: Boston University - Boston, MA

2010 Jan 7: AAS Meeting - Washington, DC

2009 Dec 17: Fermilab - Chicago, IL

2009 Dec 8: Stanford University - Palo Alto, CA

2009 Oct 1: GSFC - Greenbelt, MD