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User Contributions

The FSSC welcomes contributions to the Fermi Science Tools from the scientific community. If you have developed an extension to the science tools or any other tool useful for Fermi data analysis, please let us know and we will post it on this website. While the FSSC will work with the developer to resolve any issues with the software the contribution is provided "as is" and remains the responsibility of the developer. For the moment, please direct any communication to the Help Desk.

Program Purpose Read Me Last Update Author
FermiLATGRBXMLTools This program contains a collection of methods to manipulate the xml file containing the list of Fermi-LAT detected GRBs. Readme Feb 10, 2015 Dan Kocevski
make3FGLxml.py Generate an xml model for a given ROI from the third year LAT source catalog. Text Jan 8, 2015 T. Johnson
osv_1.3.tar GBM background estimator uses data from orbits that precede and follow the time of interest. It selects days when the spacecraft was at a similar geomagnetic position in its orbit to estimate the current background. Readme Dec 17, 2014 G. Fitzpatrick, M. Briggs & V. Connaughton
like_lc.pl Generates Fermi LAT light curves using likelihood analysis using the CALDB to determine the IRF's Text Dec 9, 2014
(V 1.45)
R. Corbet
like_bphase.pl Generates binary phase resolved light curves and spectral fits using likelihood analysis. Not suitable for pulse phase resolved analysis. Text Dec 9, 2014
(V 0.12)
R. Corbet
enrico Complete Fermi LAT analysis suite with a GUI Documentation Continuously Updated D. Sanchez and C. Deil
aperture.pl This is a Perl script that generates Fermi LAT light curves using aperture photometry. Text Jun 16, 2012 R. Corbet
latspec-1.1.2.tar.gz To allow the user to extract lightcurves and Xspec spectra from LAT data. README Mar 19, 2014 N. Shaposhnikov
Fermi_LAT_Background_Estimator_v4.tar.gz To estimate the background for LAT GRB's README Nov 20, 2013 V. Vasileiou
gtapps_mp-1.1.tgz Multi-processor GTApps README May 3, 2013 J. Perkins
GeoTOA-1.0.tgz This python tool computes the pulse times of arrival (TOAs) at an observatory (or spacecraft) from unbinned Fermi LAT data using the maximum likelihood methods described in Ray et al. (2011, ApJS, 194, 17). README Jan 11, 2013 M. Kerr, P. Ray
LATAnalysisScripts-0.1.11.tar.gz The LATAnalysisScripts module is a set of python modules to facilitate the analysis of LAT data (see Upper Limit Calculation for a usage example). README
Dec 5, 2012 J. Perkins
do_gbm.py This Python tool performs a semi-automatic analysis of the GBM data (this is particularly useful for transient events, such as GRBs). Included is a document that describes the comparison between running this tool and using the values from the Fermi GBM burst catalog. Manual
Comparison Document
Sep 25, 2012 S. Holland
moonpos-1.1.tgz This program adds RA_MOON and DEC_MOON to an spacecraft (FT2) file indicating the position of the moon. Text Jul 3, 2012 P. Ray
make2FGLxml.py Generate an xml model for a given ROI from either the first or second year LAT source catalog. PDF Oct 20, 2011 T. Johnson
SED_scripts_v13.1.tgz Produce spectral plots of LAT sources PDF Aug 3, 2011 T. Johnson
tempo2 LAT plugin Compute phase for LAT photons using the TEMPO2 package PDF May 21, 2010 L. Guillemot
makebininf Codes to convert Fermi LAT event data into a format for use with the PRESTO codes Text Mar 10, 2010 P. Ray & A. Abdo