Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

Fermi Mission History

The table below lists science milestones, data and software releases, and operations events for the Fermi mission. Dates for science highlights typically reflect the announcement or publication of the result.

Date AO Cycle Event
2008-09-18 1 GBM data made available
2009-08-25 2 LAT level-1 data products publicly available
2011-08-05 3 Pass 7 data released
2013-11-08 6 Pass 7 data reprocessed and released
2015-06-24 7 Pass 8 data released
2018-11-26 11 Updated Pass8 (P8R3) data released
2021-04-20 13 Velocity information added to spacecraft files
2010-07-09 2 GBM started delivering continuous TTE data for the TGF campaign
2012-11-26 5 GBM switched to providing full time continuous TTE data
2022-03-14 14 FSSC's LAT data server upgraded with new hardware.