Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

The Physics of Pulsar Magnetospheres


Monday, June 6

    Global Magnetosphere Theory and Simulation
    Chair: Alice Harding
9:15 Welcome  
9:30 Spitkovsky Numerical modeling of pulsar magnetospheres: from force-free to particles
10:05 Philippov How do pulsars shine?
10:40 Discussion  
11:00 Break  
11:30 Contopoulos The Aristotelian Equatorial Current Sheet
12:05 Discussion  
12:30 Lunch  
    Chair: Demos Kazanas
2:00 Timokhin How much plasma can a pulsar make?
2:35 Belyaev Pulsar Polar Cap and Y-point in PIC Simulations
3:10 Discussion  
3:30 Break  
4:00 Kalapotharakos Towards the Understanding of the Gamma-ray Emission in Pulsar Magnetospheres: Models vs Fermi
4:35 Brambilla Developing a specialized Particle-In-Cell code to study Pulsar Magnetospheres
5:10 Discussion  

Tuesday, June 7

    Mode Changing and Variability
    Chair: Andrey Timokhin
9:00 Rankin Radio pulsar phenomenology I : Geometry, Emission Heights and Identification of X and O modes
9:35 Mitra Radio pulsar phenomenology II : Drifting Subpulses
10:10 Discussion  
10:30 Break  
11:00 Melkidze Coherent Radio emission, PSG model and Drifting subpulses
11:35 Hermsen The mystery of simultaneous pulsar moding in the X-ray and radio bands
12:10 Discussion  
12:30 Lunch  
    Chair: Wim Hermsen
2:00 Van Leeuwen Pulsar mode changes and subpulse drift
2:15 Szary A physically justified model of drifting subpulses.
2:30 Discussion  
2:45 Kargaltsev Is there a useful connection between the pulsar magnetosphere geometry and PWN morphology?
3:05 Break  
3:35 Harding Pulsar Variability and the Global Magnetosphere
4:10 Wadiasingh Magnetar polarization
4:25 Arons Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays from Magnetars
5:00 Discussion  
7:00 Workshop Dinner Siri's Chef's Secret, Greenbelt

Wednesday, June 8

    Emission Modeling and Magnetic Fields
    Chair: Kostas Kalapotharakos
9:00 Venter Insights from Pulsar Light Curve Modeling
9:10 Seyffert Toward a more rigorous statistical goodness of fit test for concurrent light curve fitting
9:20 Barnard High-Energy Light Curves in an Offset Polar Cap B-Field Geometry
9:30 Discussion  
9:45 Shibata X-ray and rotational luminosity correlation and magnetic heating of the radio pulsars
10:15 Discussion  
10:25 Break  
10:55 Hirotani Leptonic acceleration in pulsar and black hole magnetospheres
11:30 Petri Multipolar fields in neutron stars
12:05 Kazanas Crab GeV Flares: Too much ado about not too much?
12:20 Discussion  
12:30 Lunch  
2:00 Gonthier Magnetic field decay and unification of young and millisecond pulsar populations
2:30 Grenier Phase-Resolved Spectroscopy of Millisecond Pulsars
2:45 Discussion  
    Present and Future Missions
3:00 Johnson Pulsar Observations with Fermi
3:35 Break  
4:05 Arzoumanian An X-ray Astrophysics Mission Dedicated to Neutron Stars: Capabilities and Status of NICER
4:35 Hunter Measurement of Gamma-ray Polarization
4:55 Hays ComPair/AMEGO
5:15 Discussion