Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope

David Band Memorial Symposium

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
July 10, 2009

A Symposium to commemorate the scientific career of our late colleague David Louis Band was held on July 10, 2009 at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Participants included many long-time friends and colleagues spanning David's nearly 30-year career from his graduate student days up to his most recent role with the Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope project here at NASA. David's family; his wife Debra and sons Tsvi and Gabriel, were in attendance along with some family friends and neighbors as well as approximately 70 scientific colleagues. The symposium agenda is posted below with links to the graphical presentations that were made. We note that a number of people on the program spoke from handwritten notes and those are not posted. There are also some photographs taken during the symposium, as well as some pictures from the October 2008 Huntsville Gamma-Ray Burst Workshop which turned out to be the last scientific conference David would attend. As you'll see from browsing these materials, David had an exceptional scientific career and made many friends along the way. He is sincerely missed by all of us.

9:30 AM Coffee and informal dicussions
10:00 AM Welcome and Introduction Nick White
10:10 AM Reflections on David's Carreer Josh Grindlay
10:40 AM David's Years at UCSD Jim Matteson
11:10 AM GRBs in the BATSE Era and David Band Jerry Fishman
11:40 AM Contributions to the Fermi GI Program Rick Harnden
11:50 AM Lunch Break and Informal Reminiscence
1:00 PM The Los Alamos Years Joyce Guzik
1:20 PM Contributions to Gamma-Ray Burst Science Rob Preece
1:40 PM Contributions to Gamma-Ray Burst Science Ed Fenimore
2:00 PM Conributions to Fermi Chris Shrader
2:10 PM Fermi Gamma-Ray Burst Science Valerie Connaughton
2:20 PM Break
2:45 PM The Swift Era Neil Gehrels
3:00 PM The Burst Alert Telescope on Swift Scott Barthelmy
3:15 PM CRESST Management Remarks Ian George
3:25 PM Audience contributions: Personal and professional reflections All
3:40 PM Family Perspective Debra Band
4:00 PM Adjourn All

Org Comm: N. Gehrels, C. Shrader, D. Kazanas, S Ritz S. Barthelmy, S. Barnes